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2020: A Blessing in Disguise for indie movies on OTT [Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Zee5, SonyLiv]

One of the most difficult part of the film making process is to find a distributor after the film is created. Sometimes, it takes  years for a film to get the attention of a film distributor. 
Because of this, most of the independent movies which gets appreciated in film festivals remain unknown to the mainstream public, which mostly watch movies in multiplexes or single screen theaters as well as on T.V.
But, as the pandemic arrives, the distributors are forced by this lockdown situation to look into the direction of films which were were just sitting on the shelves under the pile of dirt and waiting for some distributors to shower their blessing on them. As, it is not difficult to do the pre-production as well as shooting part of the new TV series as well as movies by main stream filmmakers with marketable star cast, OTT platforms are now releasing the movies which used to be always in the waiting list.
Some of such movies are;
Chintu Ka Birthday
You can watch Chintu ka Birthday on Zee5.

Analysis of Chintu Ka Birthday Movie Trailer

Recently, I watched trailer of an Indian movie 'Chintu Ka Birthday'. The film was created by Satyanshu Singh and Devanshu Singh. They have won the prestigious National Award for their short film 'Tamaash'.

The film 'Chintu Ka Birthday' stars Vinay Pathak, Tillotama Shome, Seema Pahwa, Bisha Chaturvedi, Vedant Raj Chibber, Reginald Barnes, Nate Scholz, Khalid Massou, Mir Mehroos among others.

It was screened in Jagran Film Festival in 2019 and won Best Film (Viewer's Choice) Award there.

The timeline of movie is based on the US Iraq war in 2003. 
As the title  says, the plot of film  revolves around the Chintu's Birthday. 
The Chintu wants his family to celebrate his birthday with his friends. 
The whole family is busy in making preparation for his birthday celebration.
Suddenly, a ear deafening loud noise is being heard and someone knock at their door. Chintu's father opened the door and there are armed US soldiers standing there. 
As they entered the house…

Golden Globe Nominations 2020 Full List

77th Golden Globe Awards' nominations had been announced on Monday.
The 2020 Golden Globe Awards will going to telecast at 8 p.m. EST January 5 on NBC.

Here is list of all the nominees:

Best Motion Picture -- Musical or Comedy

Once Upon a Time in HollywoodJojo RabbitKnives OutRocketmanDolemite Is My Name
Best Motion Picture -- Drama

The IrishmanMarriage Story1917JokerThe Two Popes

Best Motion Picture -- Foreign Language

The FarewellPain and GloryPortrait of a Lady on FireParasiteLes Misérables
Best Screenplay -- Motion Picture

Noah Baumbach (Marriage Story)Bong Joon-ho and Han Jin-won (Parasite)Anthony McCarten (The Two Popes)Quentin Tarantino (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)Steven Zaillian (The Irishman)
Best Original Song -- Motion Picture

Beautiful Ghosts (Cats)(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again (Rocketman)Into the Unknown (Frozen II)Spirit (The Lion King)Stand Up (Harriet)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture

Tom Hanks (A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood)Anthony Hopkins

Facts you didn't know about Breaking Bad TV Series

Bryan Cranston has a Breaking Bad tattoo on his ring finger.When characters on the show are smoking meth, they are actually smoking sugar or rock candy but do not inhale. The candy meth is produced by The Candy Lady, a local shop in Albuquerque.Aaron Paul says the word "bitch" 54 times throughout the series. Walter White was originally written to be 40 years old. AMC felt that 40 was too young for Walter to have a mid-life crisis and requested his age change to 50.  It was Vince Gilligan's decision to finish the show in season 5. He didn't want to make the mistake many successful shows make by running too long until the quality decreases. Recent studies show that it is impossible to make crystal meth blue the way Walter White does. When one of Tuco's two cousins was cast, he was asked if he knew of anyone who looked similar, with a strong physique and the same intensity. He recommended his brother, who got the role immediately. The series ran for 62 episodes. The 62nd…

Facts you didn't know about El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is the last feather on the Breaking Bad tv series. Here are some of the facts and trivias which you didn't know about the El Camino: During the beginning of the film a shot of Twisters restaurant in New Mexico is featured. This restaurant was used as Los Pollos Hermanos during past seasons.In a short scene in the original Breaking Bad series Jesse Pinkman picks up a bug crawling slowly on the ground and smiles at it before setting it back down, a subtle insight into his kind and gentle nature. In El Camino there is a similar scene where Jesse picks up a beetle from the ground, symbolizing he is still the same person at heart despite being held captive, tortured and watching loved ones die.The Limo driver Clarance who brought the girls to the welding place appeared in Better Call Saul twice. He was one of the two guys along side of Mike when they met with Pryce in the parking garage in season ones Pimento. He was also in the season fours Piñata. He he…