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Analysis of TVF Spotlight | Chosen Few - A Short Film

Recently I have watched a short film titled as Chosen Few on TVF aka The Viral Fever's youtube channel. TVF which is most famous for its Comedy Sketches and Web Series. The major part of TVFs' contents revolves around the LIGHT HUMOR genre.
But this time TVF tried to touch the ground of social issue.  This short film is little bit dark for the TVF's particular audience. But TVF took the risk of experimentation and get succeeded in it. 

Now, let me get back towards the short, Chosen Few. It revolves around the topic of human trafficking and teen sex workers. The screenplay is good,  as it holds your attention from the start. Then, you feel like the scenes are transitioning is fast, because it doesn't let your mind to stay with a scene. 
And, then in the climax, when you think that its not a happy ending, you misjudged, because justice has already been served. I don't want to say much about the short. Otherwise, I'll spill the beans of spoliers.

Cinematic Analysis of TSP's Nawab Sahab aur Shauk

Just experienced the latest youtube video of The Screen Patti; Nawab Aur Shauk.
Shivankit and Chote Miyan are at its best as usual.

So after watching and analysis this video, it seems like this video is actually a tribute to Wes Anderson from the director of the video which is Nishant Sharma. 

The cinematic style of video is inspired from the Wes Anderson's work. The background music, the story telling, the character in center of screen every thing.

It is not easy to find a good video in all aspects on YouTube. And, the Director Nishant Sharma, DOP Ashwin Kadamboor and Twitter Saurabh Dwivedi totally deserve a big round of applause for this beautiful work.

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