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List of films based on Stephen King's work.

Stephen Edwin King is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy novels. He is the only living author with most film adaptation of his work.
Lets see the list of film adaptation based on his work.

Carrie (1976)The Shining (1980)Cujo (1983)The Dead Zone (1983)Christine (1983)Children of Corn (1984)Firestarter (1984)Silver Bullet (1985)Maximum Overdrive (1986)Stand By Me (1986)The Running Man (1987)Pet Sematary (1989)Graveyard Shift (1990)Misery (1990)The Lawnmower man (1992)The Dark Half (1993)Needful Things (1993)The Shawshank Redemption (1994)The Mangler (1995)Dolores Claiborne (1995)Thinner (1996)The Night Flier (1997)Apt Pupil (1998)The Green Mile (1999)Hearts in Atlantis (2001)Julie Ganapathi (2003)Dreamcatcher (2003)Secret Window (2004)Riding The Bullet (2004)1408 (2007)The Mist (2007)Dolan's Cadillac (2009)Carrie (2013)A Good Marriage (2014)Mercy (2014)Cell (2016)It (2017)The Dark Tower (2017)1922 (2017)Pet Sematary (2019)It Ch…

The Shining movie stair scene analysis [with Easter Egg]

The film 'The Shining' is one of the all time horror classic movies. The film shows that how good Stanley Kubrick was with his craft. He shows it with every scene as well as shot, even with the set design because the carpet design put the intriguing impression in the viewer head.

So, now lets talk about the infamous stair scene, why its so horrifying.  As i already said that Kubrick was the genius, he proved it in this scene. So, here Kubrick used two camera angle shots. High Angle ShotLow Angle ShotHigh Angle Shot

So he used high angle shot for Jack Nicholson. 
Low Angle Shot

And, low angle shot for Shelley Duvall (Wendy).
And, in both these shots, the speed of camera movement was slightly different. When camera is on Wendy from low angle, the speed of camera movement matches the speed of horrified Wendy climbing stair backwards with striking bat in air. And, when camera is on Jack from high angle, the speed of camera movement matches the speed of Jack while climbing stair to scare t…